Ladybird salvation

This is my painting for April. When I went away at the start of the month the room I was staying in had a bit of a ladybird infestation. I wanted to draw one, so I picked up a dead one laying on its back and turned it round. It promptly stuck out its legs and scuttled off. Turns out it wasn’t dead – just stuck.


This little experience gave me a hook to reflect on the Easter story. After a little research I found out that ladybirds and other beetles don’t tend to get stuck in nature. It is only human-made artificially smooth surfaces that cause them problems. It’s a bit like humans trying to walk on ice. On a natural surface there are plenty on bumps and little objects to grab on to.

If being stuck on our back is a metaphor for the state of sin/death/separation from God we find ourselves in, then maybe a metaphor for the Easter triumph of God over sin/death/separation is a changing of the landscape we walk on. No more artificial surfaces that lead to death. Just lovely, natural, bumpy ground, as God originally intended.


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