Sthie [at home] Technical Help

Facebook Watch Party

This is a relatively new feature of Facebook and it allows communication in a safe, closed group while we all watch a video together.

Joining the watch party

Go to the Sthie group in Facebook at the right time. You will see a post which is the watch party. Click on it to make it full screen.

Apple iPads don’t seem to support watch parties in the Facebook app. Look out for a link that you will need to open in the Safari web browser app instead.

Pre-service – time to test the technology

Sthie services begin with 30 minutes to chat with each other, but this is also the time to check that your technology is working properly so you are ready to continue without interruption in the main service.

During this initial phase (10.30-11.00 and 18.30-19.00) you should see a video saying ‘Starting Soon’ with subtle lights moving over it and hear music.

Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 26 Apr 10.01.24

Cannot see the video?

  • Try refreshing the page.
  • If you are using an iPad see above.
  • Try closing down other apps or programs that may be using up your device/computer’s memory.
  • Check that you have not disabled watch party notifications:

Cannot hear the music?

  • Check that you can hear audio from something else – YouTube for example.
  • If you use headphones try plugging them in and unplugging them.

If all else fails…
The service is available on YouTube too, which is technically simpler but you forego the interaction with others. Here’s a link to my channel:


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