Sthie [at home] – online worship

As one way of staying connected with each other and worshipping God we’re offering an online, video-based worship service: Sthie. [Sthie is the Manx word for ‘at home’ and it’s pronounced ‘sty’] You can access it in several ways: 1. If you use Facebook, ask to join the Sthie group. Each week we host a ‘watch party’ where people all connect together at the same … Continue reading Sthie [at home] – online worship

Cooidjagh – all together for worship

Last Sunday we tried something new at Peel Methodist Church. On a regular Sunday morning our kids go off to their own groups for the middle section of the service, while the adults remain for some more traditional hymn singing, prayer and a sermon. We  thought it would be good to try and change this pattern once a month. Partially so that the kids group … Continue reading Cooidjagh – all together for worship

Free printables: Bible verse cards

I’ve designed these little cards for the people who come to my church’s youth group to use each week. Each one shows a key verse or phrase from the gospel passage for the Sunday, from the lectionary, that we’ll be focussing on in the service. The kids will use them creatively in the the little notebooks we’ve given them. They’ll also be used for other … Continue reading Free printables: Bible verse cards

New Bullet Journal

I started using a bullet journal around 18 months ago. I really like the free-form format and having one place to put everything. But recently I’ve missed using colour and drawings, so I’ve started again in a new moleskine sketchbook with lovely thick paper. I’m going to spread a week over a double page with a sketchnotes feel. I really appreciate the mindful, creative, reflective … Continue reading New Bullet Journal

Didn’t see it coming

Susie bought me this book by Carey Nieuwhof for my birthday; she thought it might do me good. The central premise is that there are several traps that can knock people off-course in life, and that people are unaware of them before they strike. So by reflecting on them beforehand, we might be able to avert them. The seven pitfalls described are: cynicism, compromise, disconnection, … Continue reading Didn’t see it coming

Blessed are those who mourn

Tonight we reflected on the spirituality of Kurt Cobain, and the gifts that might offer to the church. A few global friends who couldn’t be there asked if I could record it. I haven’t ever done this before, but here we go! We had a discussion part way through and I’ve edited out everyone’s voice apart from mine as they weren’t clear, so I hope … Continue reading Blessed are those who mourn