Straight path

There used to be a steam railway line that ran between Peel, where we live, and Douglas, the island’s largest town. The Isle of Man is pretty hilly, but there is a valley that runs right across the middle. For much of the route the ground is very marshy – a curragh, in the local language.

DSCF9654 2

This central valley was the ideal route for the railway, but it needed a lot of engineering work to make the ground solid and secure. Today, the railway has gone, but the route remains as a footpath.


One of the Bible passages for advent tells of how John the Baptist fulfilled an even more ancient prophesy of Isaiah, about how the Way of the Lord needs to be made straight, level, flat, easy. Christianity used to be called the Way, before it was Christianity. There is perhaps a message to us, the new caretakers of the way, to do our best to make it as easy and smooth as possible.

DSCF9855 2


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